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Moving forward into 2014

Moving forward into 2014

PARKING Facilities will this year major on product investment as it plans to grow its perimeter security ranges.
The Staffordshire manufacturer is eager to build on the momentum of 2013 that saw it move in to new sectors and develop its export trade.

‘We believe that we are still the number one manufacturer of sliding gates – manual or automated – in the UK and that’s a position we’ve no intention of relinquishing,’ said managing director Anthony Green.

Inside the last 12 months, Parking Facilities has reshaped its factory for greater efficiency and to enable it to hold more stock for service support. The company has opted out of direct end-user installation operations. However, it is offering full support services to contractor partners unable to take on installation responsibilities.

Allied to this has been renewed focus on site feedback as part of its research and development.

‘We take what customers say about our products very seriously,’ said Green, ‘and by doing so we have introduced a number of innovative designs and product enhancements. Also we maintain vigilant over gate safety and our products don’t just comply to the very latest guidelines, they go even further.’

This is evidenced by design changes to the companies PF6000 barriers. A two stage hi-torque gearbox has been developed for this, the company’s best-selling barrier.

‘This is now a more robust mechanism with fewer moving parts for long life and efficiency of use. With it we have done away with the need for counterweights and springs. We have introduced a remodelled version of the traditional plc panel to simplify operational installation and configured this with a new on screen diagnostics system. This PLC menu structure offers reliability and simplicity while offering different modes of operation without the need to programme. All this has come about because of customer feedback, evidenced by the more ergonomic winding handle on pour barriers which are held up by our trade partners as the best in the industry,’ he said.

The company is also continuing to move as many of products as possible to aluminium and this is incorporated into the PF6000 newly design easy access cabinet.

‘Gates continue to win sizeable market share for us and we are ensuring that they are the safest gate on the market, as well as being one of the easiest to install.’